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The Formula For Creating Major Scales On Bass

Last lesson, we talked all about how you don’t necessarily need to know all of the individual notes of each major scale. Instead, you took one shape and plugged it in all over your bass. This is fantastic because it lets you play all 12 major scales without much thought. However, the shape method doesn’t […]

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The Easiest Way To Learn The Major Scale For Bass

The major scale is everywhere – there’s no way of avoiding it. That also makes it one of the most useful sounds to know and to be able to play. Not only is it useful by itself, but from the major scale you can also make chords and the ‘modes‘ of the major scale. Most […]

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4 Ways To Learn Your Bass Fretboard Faster

So you kinda know your fretboard? At least, some of it, right? Do you catch yourself searching for notes now and then? Maybe you’ve been trying to learn your fretboard – maybe even seeing some progress – but it’s not as quick and effortless as you like. Well in this lesson, you’re going to learn […]

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Learn Your Bass Fretboard – All Of Your Notes

Last lesson, we talked about the Musical Matrix and the sequence of notes that all music is made from. This lesson, you’re going to use that Matrix to find and name every single note on your bass. This is where you’ll start to really start seeing all of the notes on your bass and being […]

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Learn Your Bass Fretboard – The Musical Matrix

Learning the notes on your fretboard is a huge win for you – not matter how experienced you might be as a bass player. When you know the notes on your fretboard, everything gets easier. You can learn songs in no time at all, you can easily find any note that you want in an […]

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