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How To Sing And Play Bass At The Same Time

If you’ve ever tried to sing and play bass at the same time, you’ll know it can be challenging. In fact, us bass players often have a more difficult time than other musicians who play and sing. For example, you see guitarists – even drummers – doing it all the time. Bass players – not […]

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Break It Down Now! – How To Break Down A Groove

Ever heard someone say it? “Break it down now!” Other than the phrase sounding absolutely badass, I had no idea what it meant when you first heard it. How do you break it down? Do you stop playing? Do you keep playing, but turn down? Do you actually physically break your bass down into small […]

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How To Create Killer Grooves From Scratch

Have you ever considered that you could be your own worse enemy when it comes to your playing? It’s an uncomfortable thought – and one that I’ve certainly had many times since I started playing music. If you’ve ever started playing and not enjoyed what came out of your bass, you know exactly what I […]

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Bass groove breathe

Bass Groove – The Most Overlooked Aspect

Bass Groove – It Took Me Years To Realize One Thing Groove – It’s THE most important aspect of what you do as a bass player. Sure, you might like shredding and playing a bunch of fancy stuff, but it’s your groove that will get you gigs consistently and make you the most popular person […]

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