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The #1 Strategy For Rapidly Improving Your Bass Playing

What if there were something you could do today that would give you a noticeable and virtually instant improvement in your playing? Would you try it out? Of course you would! Usually, I’d say something like this would be too good to be true, but in this case, there is a simple strategy you can […]

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How To Sing And Play Bass At The Same Time

If you’ve ever tried to sing and play bass at the same time, you’ll know it can be challenging. In fact, us bass players often have a more difficult time than other musicians who play and sing. For example, you see guitarists – even drummers – doing it all the time. Bass players – not […]

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Break It Down Now! – How To Break Down A Groove

Ever heard someone say it? “Break it down now!” Other than the phrase sounding absolutely badass, I had no idea what it meant when you first heard it. How do you break it down? Do you stop playing? Do you keep playing, but turn down? Do you actually physically break your bass down into small […]

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