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The ‘Machine Gun’ Bass Tapping Technique

Bass Tapping – What Exactly Is It? You know, most of the time, as bass players, we’re very much in a ‘support‘ role. We stand in the back, out of the limelight holding the band together. Not that there’s anything wrong with this at all – it can be a ton of fun and endlessly […]

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Bass Harmonics

Bass Harmonics – Left Hand Technique

A while ago, I got a great question from a Become A Bassist email subscriber named Di who wanted to know about bass harmonics. She wrote: “I have a question about bass harmonics.  I’ve seen many bass players throw them in here and there – but I don’t know how to do it. What’s the […]

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bass chord pro

Bass Chord Pro

Bass Chords sound amazing!!! There’s just something about chords on bass that’s just so much more satisfying than when a guitar player plays them or a piano player plays them. Maybe it’s just because you’ve heard a million guitar and piano players mess with chords – but very few bassists. Well we’re going to have […]

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How To Hold A Bass

When I first started playing, I wasn’t really concerned about how to hold a bass at all. I just wanted to play all of my favorite songs with my friends. I just slung it over my shoulder and away I went. This was fine for a while, until I started having pains in my left […]

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