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Bass Chord Pro – Lesson Two – Major Chord Inversions

Hey Friend!

Welcome to lesson 2 on your journey to Bass Chord Mastery.

This next lesson builds on what we learned last lesson about the major chord – except this time, we’re going to mix all the notes up and put them in different orders.

It may sound chaotic, but it’s really simple – and the sound is beautiful! You’ll really like it.

Check it out!

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 Click Here To Download The Major Chord Inversion Chart

I love playing these inversions – especially the 1st inversion. It’s just so pretty!

In the next lesson, we’ll be doing something similar with minor chords and their inversions.

If you have any questions about anything you’re seeing in these lessons at all, just let me know. Either reply to any of the emails you’ve received from me or use the contact form to ask any questions at all. I’ll be happy to answer them!

Stay tuned to your inbox for the next lesson!


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