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The #1 Strategy For Rapidly Improving Your Bass Playing

What if there were something you could do today that would give you a noticeable and virtually instant improvement in your playing? Would you try it out? Of course you would! Usually, I’d say something like this would be too good to be true, but in this case, there is a simple strategy you can […]

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The ‘Machine Gun’ Bass Tapping Technique

Bass Tapping – What Exactly Is It? You know, most of the time, as bass players, we’re very much in a ‘support‘ role. We stand in the back, out of the limelight holding the band together. Not that there’s anything wrong with this at all – it can be a ton of fun and endlessly […]

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How And Where To Use The Modes On Bass

If you’ve checked out the previous lesson all about how to play the modes on bass, you would have learned how the modes work and that they’re all related. But what now? You might be wondering, “If the modes are all the same set of notes, why bother with them at all? Won’t everything just […]

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Finally – Bass Modes Explained (In Simple Terms)

Bass Modes When I was first starting out, one of the biggest hurdles for me was starting to learn the modes on bass. People could kind of explain them to me – they kind of made sense, I could see the shapes – but it was still confusing. Some people even told me not to […]

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The Formula For Creating Major Scales On Bass

Last lesson, we talked all about how you don’t necessarily need to know all of the individual notes of each major scale. Instead, you took one shape and plugged it in all over your bass. This is fantastic because it lets you play all 12 major scales without much thought. However, the shape method doesn’t […]

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