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The ‘Machine Gun’ Bass Tapping Technique

Bass Tapping – What Exactly Is It?

You know, most of the time, as bass players, we’re very much in a ‘support‘ role. We stand in the back, out of the limelight holding the band together. Not that there’s anything wrong with this at all – it can be a ton of fun and endlessly rewarding.

Every once in a while though, it can be fun to let rip and steal some of the spotlight for yourself. You can do this any number of ways from wearing something outrageous, moving your body in a unique way, or singing at the same time you’re playing bass.

One sure-fire way to impress is to use flashy techniques like bass tapping. Now don’t get worried if you think it’s too hard – it’s actually very easy to get started and blow some minds without breaking too much of a sweat.

That’s what this new lesson is all about. In it, you’ll learn the ‘Machine Gun‘ bass tapping technique that’s been used for years by bassists like Billy Sheehan to dazzle audiences all over the world.

And the best part? When you know how, it’s incredibly easy to get started with bass tapping.

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Not quite as tricky as you thought, right? All it takes is to start slow and gradually ramp up the speed, staying relaxed the whole time. In no time at all, you’ll be all over this technique and the awe-inspiring sounds you can make with it.

Of course this is just one bass tapping technique – there are certainly others. You can start using other notes other than just two, you can change the ‘anchor’ note and you can also get into two-handed bass tapping; another very impressive technique.

If you want to get more into tapping, increase your speed and actually play songs that use tapping, I’ve put together a bonus video that will do each of these things for you. To get it, just fill out the form on this page or visit here:

And I’ll send the 15-minute bonus lesson right to your inbox.

Of course if you have questions about anything at all, just let me know. I’d be more than happy to help you out. I may even be able to make your question into a video like I did for this one. If you’re on the Become A Bassist email list, you can reply to any email I’ve sent you, or you can fill out the contact form.

Good luck with the lesson and happy playing!


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