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Bass Harmonics – All Of Your Notes

We’ve talked about the technique for pulling out your bass harmonics, you’ve learned how to get a great sound from your bass harmonics… Now it’s time to look at the actual notes that you can get out of all of your harmonics. Your harmonics and your fretted notes aren’t always the same. In fact, there […]

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bass harmonics

Bass Harmonics – 4 Ways To Get A Great Sound Instantly

Last lesson, it was all about how to use your left hand to start playing your bass harmonics and just get the sound out. Now that you’re getting a bass harmonics sound out, it’s time to shape it and mold it into a beautiful, singing, shimmering sound that really sings! In this lesson, you’ll learn: […]

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Bass Harmonics

Bass Harmonics – Left Hand Technique

A while ago, I got a great question from a Become A Bassist email subscriber named Di who wanted to know about bass harmonics. She wrote: “I have a question about bass harmonics.  I’ve seen many bass players throw them in here and there – but I don’t know how to do it. What’s the […]

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